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Here you can find the result of my first attempt to write a firefox plugin.
I hope you find it useful anyhow.

Backgroundimage Saver


Backgroundimage Saver is a quite simple extension that provides help for an annoying technique that can be found on more and more pages.
That is to hide images behind a transparent gif to protect them against being saved.

Originally I designed this for and
But unfortunally these example pages did change their protection (at least on some pages) and are now using different layers that lay over each other, so that this plugin does not provide any help here anymore.
So at the moment will not provide any external example pages, although this mechanism is probably still used on quite a few pages.

Here the explanation how it works: Because since these pages place a transparent gif on top of the real graphic you can't just right-click an image and select "Save Image As..." because then you would just save the transparent gif (which is probably not what you want ;-)).
So this simple extension just adds a 'Save Background Image as...' option to the right click context menu which does the trick.

Furthermore it is helpful if you want to be able to directly save the backgroundimage, since Firefox does not offer this option by default.


To test the functionality you can use the image of the options dialog displayed below which is actually protected by a transparent gif.


If you do not get any contextmenu at all you need to change your settings so that you do not allow javascript to disable or modify your contextmenu.
You can do this in the preferences:
Tools -> Options... -> Tab Content
-> Button advanced behind Javascript
-> uncheck "Disable or replace context menus"
But I think this is a good idea anyway since I really do not know why any page should disable or modify the contextmenu by javascript.


version 0.14 Update

version 0.13 Update (not publically released)

version 0.12 Update

version 0.1 Initial release


Firefox version 2.0 or higher


Download Backgroundimage Saver version 0.14
or download and install it directly from the Mozilla Add-ons Page

Any questions concerning this plugin?

Then just send me an